Animal Ark has taken in five canine pups this year! We have received two orphaned wild coyote pups and three wolf pups. These pups are all settling into their new homes and will be slowly and quietly introduced into their exhibits so they adjust well to being near humans.

The coyote pups were from different family groups and were each observed without their parents. The first pup, now named Kenny, was found when a family returned home to a weak, orphaned, 7-weeks old coyote pup hiding under their patio couch.  After a call to the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), Animal Ark was identified as his new home.  The next day NDOW received another call about a coyote pup in need.  This pup’s litter was orphaned when his parents were killed.  This pup, now named Kemper, has siblings out there that went to various homes (it is natural for some pups to disperse).

The wolf pups just arrived and have not yet received names.  They were a surprise litter at another facility which was unprepared to care for these additional wolves.  After receiving high recommendations from two different wildlife conservation and education experts, the facility contact Animal Ark.  Animal Ark team members flew to Pennsylvania to pick up these pups and drive around-the-clock back to Reno!

Be sure to swing by to visit these cute pups, or consider supporting their care through our Share the Care Adoption Program!