Lily came to Animal Ark on January 24, 2017. She is a captive born tiger that was originally under private ownership, but her owner was involved in a car accident and was unable to commit to the care she needed. Lily’s owner was happy to have her come to Animal Ark after she heard about our facility and knew we had space for a tiger.

So, at five months old, Lily arrived at her new home.

Lily in Cage

Our tiger enclosure is currently under renovation and improvement, but because of the cold weather and all the snow was not ready to receive a new resident. So, temporarily, Lily was moved into one of our vacant cheetah enclosures until we can complete work on the tiger enclosure. The cheetah enclosure features a heated barn which this young tiger needed.


She spent a couple of weeks getting acclimated to her new enclosure, learning our routine and getting to know her keepers. As with any young kitten, she is curious about everything and just loves to play!

Lily with ball

Lily with Bone

We decided to announce her to the world in time for our February Wild Winter Weekend event, and Lily got to go outside into the cheetah yard and meet the hundreds of people that came out to see her. She absolutely loved the yard. She checked out every corner, every bush and every tree. She loved seeing people and spent most of her time right up front with all the guests.

Lily in yard

Lily and Bush

Since that weekend, we had a lot of new snow, and let her out into the yard to play in the snow. She loved running, jumping and plowing through the snow.

Lily hiding in snow

Lily running in snow

Soon, she will be in her new larger enclosure and ready to greet all our visitors. We open for the summer season on March 18 this year (two weeks earlier than usual) – open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 4:30.