C.J., our Canadian Lynx, came to us from very poor circumstances. She was 11 years old and had spent her life in a breeding facility for the fur and pet trade. At her age, she was no longer able to produce kittens and was no longer needed. She was offered for sale, but if not purchased, would be killed for her pelt. The American Sanctuary Association contacted Animal Ark to see if anything could be done. Thanks to a private donation, the owner agreed to sell her for a price that was equivalent to the price of a pelt and C.J,’s life was spared.

C.J. arrived at Animal Ark in February 2012, and we hoped that she could share an enclosure with our male Canadian Lynx, Kaleb, whose previous partner had passed away. Our veterinarian examined C.J., and determined that she had a multitude of health problems: she had a chronic lung infection, was very thin and appeared malnourished, and had a short, patchy coat. Her droopy ears were due to untreated ear-mite infections, so severe that the cartilage holding her ears up had deteriorated to the point where her ears would no longer stand up. We also determined that she was mostly blind and deaf. Because of her vulnerabilities, she let us know that she did not want company in her enclosure, and we have since kept her by herself.

CJ Before

CJ when she arrived.

Over time, with lots of care, good nutrition, and a big dose of love, C.J., is doing really well. She is comfortable in her enclosure, knows her keepers, and gets lots of special treatment. Last month she even caught a rabbit – we were so proud of her! She is 16 years old now and a gorgeous lady!

CJ After

CJ Now