Kalvin is a young male kestrel that came to us from a wildlife rehabilitator early in 2013. He had an injured wing that was not healing properly and the rehabilitator determined that he most likely would not be able to survive in the wild, so Kalvin came to live with us at Animal Ark.

Kalvin on his perch

Unfortunately, Kalvin did not settle in well in his new home. He was always nervous, looking for an escape, and generally got very stressed whenever keepers came in to clean his mew and offer him food. We hoped with time he would adjust, but after a couple of years, he just was not improving.  We contacted a local falconer who agreed to take Kalvin and try to work with him to get him more comfortable around people. He worked with him for a couple of months and noted that his wing had healed better than expected.

Animal Ark then contacted the US Department of Fish and Wildlife to see if it was possible to release him into the wild. The falconer, who worked with Kalvin on the glove, started introducing him to live prey, mice, to see if you could catch his food in the wild, and Kalvin caught on pretty quickly.


So the big day came, and Kalvin was released at Clear Lake in northern California. He came back two times before he was confident enough to be on his own. He is seen occasionally there, and seems to be doing well. Animal Ark’s philosophy is, and has always been, that all animals should be in the wild, so needless to say, we are thrilled with this success story!