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Animal Ark hosts special events throughout the year. These events are great times to see our animals in action – from cheetahs running at top-speeds to wolves howling! Browse our Events Calendar below, either as a List or by Month!

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Reservations are Required due to limited seating. Please RSVP at 1-775-970-3431 

Watch our cheetahs run at high speeds around the Animal Ark cheetah field. You are in for an amazing experience as you watch the world’s fastest land animal dash after a speedy lure, off leash and right in front of spectators. Get a close-up look at these amazing animals doing what they were designed to do.  Event Prices: Adults $45; Seniors $40; Children (8-16) $35, Photo Blinds $60. Platinum Members are FREE, but please call to reserve your seats. Children must be at least 8 years old to attend.