For Teachers

Field Trips

Animal Ark hosts field trips at our facility north of Reno April through October annually to grades K-12.  Trained Wildlife Educators teach concepts such as ecology, biology, animal behavior, and geology!

Animal Ark in your Classroom

Our Wildlife Educators look forward to visiting your classroom to teach your students a variety of wildlife-related topics through fun, interactive, multimedia presentations!  The programs are available during the winter months.

Lesson Plans and Activities

Animal Ark has partnered with a consultant, Jim Flanders, who specializes in STEM philosophy and curriculum development. He is a teacher in Winnemucca, Nevada, and incorporates wildlife learning experiences in his classroom. He has developed a variety of educational activities designed for any teacher who would like to incorporate these exercises, either before or after a class field trip to Animal Ark.

Interview with a Keeper

This is a new, flexible program that will help continue the learning experience after your Animal Ark Outreach or Field Trip!  Perhaps you might have your students learn about a specific animal which lives at Animal Ark – have them interview an Animal Ark team member!  We can Skype into your classroom to answer your students’ questions!  Contact our Education Coordinator at [email protected] or 775-970-3431 for more information.