Are you a dog-lover?  Are you amazed by the sleek cheetah?  Well the two topics go hand-in-hand!  Animal Ark is excited to announce that Deon Cilliers from Cheetah Outreach Trust in South Africa will be speaking at the Out of Africa Gala on Saturday, September 21st.  Deon has worked dilligently with the guard dog programs in South Africa that have shown great success in preserving cheetah populations.  Many ranchers would lose livestock overnight to lions and leopards, but then would only see cheetahs (a daytime hunter) in the area.  Therefore, they defended their property by killing cheetahs.  However, with the guard dog programs such as those coordinated by Deon, there were fewer and fewer livestock losses to predators, and an increased awareness of cheetah ecology.  Join us at Out of Africa to learn more!