Canid greetings are the best for raising your spirits! The coyotes, Sadie and Amelia, never let me down. Today it is cool and the park is quiet; the girls heard me coming. I spotted Sadie’s ears through the sage brush and then there she was… a furry mass of wiggling, twisting, grinning coyote as I knelt down beside her. She is eager to lick snout to snout and probably wonders why my nose is so small and face so flat. For a second she freezes, staring nose to nose, and the world disappears as I soak in her golden eyes, trying to absorb every detail of the fur framing her face. With three rapid licks she whirls away in a flash of bushy tail. Coyotes are 100% full on or full off. She’ll be back… and until then I have my smile.