About Alex Worsley

Alex joined the Animal Ark team in 2007 as a volunteer after moving to Reno to pursue a Ph.D. in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from UNR. A dedicated husband and father, Alex loves working with the families and school groups that visit Animal Ark. His varied background has aided Animal Ark in formulating safety protocols and dynamic education programs.

Thank you!

A big “Thank You” to Deon Cilliers from Cheetah Outreach Trust for coming all the way from South Africa, bringing so much important information to us here in Reno, Nevada. Everyone had a wonderful time sharing drinks and great food, chatting and learning more about the organization's tireless work in cheetah conservation in South Africa.  Deon gave a fascinating presentation [...]

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Dogs and Cheetahs

Are you a dog-lover?  Are you amazed by the sleek cheetah?  Well the two topics go hand-in-hand!  Animal Ark is excited to announce that Deon Cilliers from Cheetah Outreach Trust in South Africa will be speaking at the Out of Africa Gala on Saturday, September 21st.  Deon has worked dilligently with the guard dog programs in South Africa that have [...]

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Thank you WCSD

Washoe County K-12 Education Foundation, Education Alliance of Washoe County, and Nell J. Redfield Foundation held a wonderful gathering of 15 schools and 18 community organizations to discuss how best to serve our children.  Thank you to all in attendance.  Animal Ark's top-quality wildlife education programs impact thousands of children annually.  We look forward to the partnerships that will arise [...]

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July 25 was just a routine Thursday.  Our staff was in their weekly safety meeting discussing emergency scenarios.  A friend of Animal Ark called to check the status of our Thursday Cheetah Exercise time.  And then rain started coming down - HARD!  All of the Animal Keepers raced out of the safety meeting and into a deluge of water, penny-sized [...]


That’s Rich

To stimulate our wildlife both physically and mentally, Animal Ark's animal keepers are constantly looking for new puzzles or toys to give to animals.  In this picture, Kaleb the Canada lynx plays with a potato.  For the bears and raccoon, we might drill holes in a PVC pipe, place small food items inside, such as bird seed, and let the [...]

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