Poppy was just 4 1/2 months old when she arrived at Animal Ark on April 16, 2017. Like most of the tiger population in our world today she is captive born. She was hand raised and originally under private ownership. Due to obstacles of housing, long-term care and finances, Poppy’s owners decided they could not keep her. Animal Ark was contacted and we were glad to offer her a home as space was available in the newly remodeled tiger exhibit. The other young tiger we house¬†would also now have a companion.

Upon arrival Poppy was smaller than expected. It took several weeks but she gained weight and the sores on the bottom of her pads healed after an effort was made to provide a good substrate on the enclosure floor. Rotating keeper companionship at her enclosure the first few months also reduced her stress.She is full of life with abundant energy in addition to being an intelligent cat. Poppy mainly represents the Bengal tiger subspecies in appearance although we do not know her bloodline or where she originated from. Her presence at Animal Ark will help our sanctuary educate visitors about the serious decline in wild tigers and what we as humans can do in conservation efforts to help save this species

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Common Name: Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris

Gender: Femae

Date of Birth: December 2016

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