Moyo & Jamar

Moyo and Jamar arrived at Animal Ark on April 11, 2006 after a very long flight aboard British Airways traveling from Cape Town South Africa via London and then to San Francisco International Airport. They come to us as ambassadors for the De Wildt Cheetah Centre and Wildlife Trust. This South African facility has partnered with Animal Ark to help raise funds for wild cheetah conservation and research into the benefits of high speed running for captive cheetah. Born at De Wildt, these cubs were transferred to the Cheetah Outreach facility in CapeTown where they were raised by experts in the care of cheetah cubs and the training of ambassador cats. Moyo & Jamar have adjusted very well here at Animal Ark which has many similarities to the South African facilities. Our thanks to the crew from British Airways Cargo, United States Customs, and the agents from the United States Fish & Wildlife Service for their assistance in the import process.

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Additional Info

Common Name: Cheetah

Scientific Name: Acinonyx Jubatus

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 19, 2005

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