On February 5, 2008, this 7 month old mountain lion was hit by a car on Kingsbury Grade near Lake Tahoe. Because he was lying in the road, it was likely he had been struck earlier by another vehicle. As the concerned driver turned around to come back and check on the animal, a passing snowplow pulled up to keep the kitten from being hit yet again. Within minutes Carl Lackey, a Nevada Department of Wildlife biologist who happened to be driving by, was also on the scene. The animal was in shock but still alive. After a thorough exam by veterinarian Dr. Nelson, a serious fracture of the femur and some pelvic injuries were revealed.

Dr. Pelsue at Veterinary Specialists of Nevada was contacted and veterinarian Dr. Dearmin agreed to perform the necessary orthopedic surgery. During the operation, an abscess and possible infection were also identified. The kitten arrived at Animal Ark on February 8. All that we could do was pray, and offer food, water and a comfortable environment. After 2 days, he began to eat and mobility quickly returned. Unfortunately, there was no way to reunite this young cougar with his mother who would teach him how to live and hunt in the wild, so he joined the Ark as an ambassador for the mountain lion species, the largest carnivore in Nevada. The name Milagro, which is Spanish for Miracle, was bestowed upon him because many were the miracles that led to his survival. We thank each of the people above for giving “Milo” a second chance.

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Additional Info

Common Name: Mountain lion, puma, cougar

Scientific Name: Puma concolor

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 2007

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