On April 7, 2006 the Pacific Wildlife Care in California received a call about two six week old orphaned female fox pups. It was reported that the mother and another pup were dead. The rehabilitation center cared for the pups and then began to locate a placement facility for them as the California Department of Fish and Game does not allow the release of red foxes back into the wild. The only options for their survival were either euthanasia or permanent care in a licensed facility. Animal Ark was contacted through the American Sanctuary Association and special arrangements followed. Lisa and Theresa arrived at Animal Ark on May 5, 2007. Because these foxes were avid climbers in their last home, a new enclosure needed to be built. The project was undertaken by Boy Scout Troop 443 with leadership from Eagle Scout Nick Lehan. With partial funding from the Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation and materials donated from Reno Lumber and Tholl Fence, the enclosure was completed in late 2007. Theresa passed away in August 2016 and will be missed.

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Common Name: Red Fox

Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Spring 2006

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