Koda arrived at Animal Ark on November 19, 2014. Born in captivity, Koda was sold as a pet on Craigslist when he was four months old and was then transferred to another person after just two weeks. His new owners cared for Koda for two months, realized the difficulties involved in raising a wild animal as a pet and surrendered him to California Department of Fish and Wildlife who placed him with California Wildlife Center (CWC) in Calabasas, CA. Animal Ark was contacted, obtained appropriate permissions for transferring Koda across statelines with four different agencies and began planning his travel itinerary. After a helicopter trip was cancelled due to weather, and a volunteer driver for CWC was in a car accident, Animal Ark staff on vacation relatively nearby changed course and picked up this 6-month old puppy.

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Common Name: Arctic Fox

Scientific Name: Vulpes lagopus

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Spring 2014

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