Jake and Elwood

In mid April, 2017, seven red foxes were born in captivity. These hand raised foxes were transferred to Los Angeles, California where they were illegally offered for sale.   Following an investigation the pups were located and confiscated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. While under the care of the Wildlife Investigation Lab, the pups received a thorough health exam. Amongst the litter both internal and external parasite were found. Treatment began immediately while the Senior Environmental Scientist began the search to locate approved homes for the fox pups. Animal Ark was the first contact and after a housing discussion it was decided the Ark could provide a good home for two of the silver phase pups. An educational opportunity would also be available as only 8% of wild red foxes are the dark color phase. After reviewing helpful information about the pups provided by the staff at the WIL, it was not difficult choosing two compatible pups that would adjust well to Animal Ark’s environment. In Nevada all foxes are considered high risk rabies carriers. Due to this and the original health of the pups the permit process to import them into Nevada was lengthy. Jane and Elwood arrived on June 22nd at nine weeks of age.

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Additional Info

Common Name: Red Fox

Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes

Gender: Males

Date of Birth: April 2017

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