This owl was delivered to Animal Ark on January 25, 2017 from a wildlife rehabilitation organization in northern California. At 3-4 weeks old the owl was found on the ground by people in the area who began to take care of it. It is not known what was fed or exactly how long the bird spent in contact with humans. Eventually the owl was given to the above wildlife rehabilitation group but the bird had already become imprinted on humans through hand feeding and handling. Once at the rehab facility an attempt was made to re-wild the bird by placing it with a surrogate great horned owl female and other owlets. The owl still continued to call out to humans when it would see them. At full growth a final attempt was made to see if a return to the wild was possible through a soft release from the site where the owl was housed. After hanging around for a while and then enjoying the company of neighbors the owl was finally coaxed back into an enclosure and deemed non-releasable. Shortly thereafter Animal Ark was contacted. While waiting for permits to be granted, weather to clear and the Interstate 80 pass to stay open, a rehabilitation volunteer worked with the owl which made the transition to the Ark as smooth as possible. If you have not already guessed I. O. is an abbreviation for Imprint Owl!

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Additional Info

Common Name: Great-Horned Owl

Scientific Name: Bubo virginianus

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

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