C. J.


A concerned gentleman learned that an 11 year-old female Canada lynx was being offered for sale and if a buyer were not available, the owner of the cat would kill it for its pelt. The American Sanctuary Association contacted Animal Ark to find out if we could intervene and save the animal’s life. The owner of the lynx would not donate the animal but did agree to a purchase price that would match what he could receive for her pelt. Thanks to a private donation, Animal Ark agreed to the price. We brought this lynx to Animal Ark in February of 2012. Upon examination by our vet, it was determined that C. J.’s droopy crinkled ears were due to chronic ear-mite infections. She also had a lung infection, appeared malnourished, and had a short, thin fur coat. Later, it also became apparent that her eye sight is very limited. A new home and a good diet are improving the life of C. J.  She is a sweet, quiet cat that is gaining confidence and better health through a nutritious diet and attentive care.

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Common Name: Canada Lynx

Scientific Name: Lynx canadensis

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2000

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