Animal Ark, a non-profit organization, is a wildlife sanctuary and education center.

The mission of Animal Ark is to inspire environmental stewardship through wildlife education.

Since 1981, Animal Ark has provided a safe haven for injured, abandoned and otherwise non-releasable wildlife.

Animal Ark is located north of Reno on thirty-eight acres and primarily features native North American predators, though a few exotic species have found a home there. Animal Ark educates tens of thousands of children and adults a year about ecological principles and wildlife by providing special programming events and educational tours.

Animal Ark makes a great effort to build every animal enclosure with native trees, boulders, and vegetation to simulate natural habitat. The animals receive activities to help break up boredom. For example, the meals for the black bears are scattered about the enclosure to stimulate gathering instincts. During several special events open to the public, animals are provided meals inside various toys that require thought and craftiness to open.

Animal Ark’s philosophy is that each animal taken in is provided a home for life. Animal Ark does not engage in captive breeding for the purposes of selling or trading of animals. It is our belief that wild animals belong in the wild and for those animals that are not capable of surviving in the wild on their own, they have the power to represent their wild cousins and educate people about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Animal Ark is committed to using environmentally friendly energy policies wherever possible. The majority of Animal Ark’s energy needs are met by using passive solar panels and wind generation. Water recycling policies are also in place.

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Support the Animal Ark

All funding for Animal Ark is provided through admissions, special grants, and donations from caring individuals. You can support Animal Ark by becoming a member, purchasing an animal adoption, or making a donation.
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Story of Our Animals

Animal Ark is a wildlife sanctuary for non-releasable animals. Animal Ark provides a home for life for animals that do not have the skills to survive in the wild. Resident animals include several species of North American predators and some exotic species from other geographic areas. Most of these animals are considered “disadvantaged” – meaning that they cannot live independently in the wild. Some are permanently disabled, some were kept as exotic pets and either confiscated or unwanted, and some were orphaned at a very young age. Many of our animals would have been euthanized if Animal Ark did not provide them with a home.

We do not breed, sell or trade our animals, and we strive to provide each animal with a stimulating and comfortable home. You can adopt your favorite animal, and help provided needed funds for food and care.

What if Animal Ark Did Not Exist?

  • Thousands of children would not experience the world of nature.
  • Unwanted wild animals kept as pets would be euthanized.
  • Orphaned black bear cubs would not get a second chance in the wild.
  • Cheetah conservation in Africa would receive less funding and awareness.
  • Multitudes of people would not see alternative energy in action.
  • Thousands of people would lose the opportunity to experience up close and personal the awesomeness of a cheetah running at 60 mph.